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If you’re in the market to build a new metal carport – look no further than our experienced builders at Melbourne Carport Builders.

Although metal carports offer protection from the elements, they can also be long-lasting and durable. But what else should one expect from them?

Metal carports have been around a while. But what exactly are the advantages of metal carports? Why should you build them over any other types of carports? We’ll explain why metal carports may be the best option for you. Also, what you can expect from us at Melbourne Carport Builders.

First, we pride ourselves on offering professional services, starting with the initial consultation and ending with installation of your new carport.

We can walk you through and office advice on any style, design, or size.

We’ll take the stress off your shoulders, and ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

If you want to learn more about our company’s history and how we install metal carports at residential properties, simply fill out the free quote form or call us.

Why Choose A Metal Carport?

Why choose a metal carport instead of other options? A metal carport has a few clear advantages.


The cost of a metal carport is often cheaper than alternatives. The cost will vary depending upon the metal and finish, but it will almost always be lower.


A metal carport requires less maintenance than other options. After the carport is constructed, you will soon realise how easy it is to care for.

Unlike wood, you don’t have to constantly check for rott or termites, which could lead to the carport becoming unstable.

Design Of Your Metal Carport

Your personal needs will dictate the design of your metal carport. There’s a large range of colours and designs you can choose from, just contact our friendly team if you’re unsure and we can walk you through the various options available to you.

Once we know your specific requirements, we can recommend the best metal carport for your property.

This will help us to not only determine the best size for your carport, but will also help you save money on costs.

Metal Carport Installation Process

What is the process of installing a metal carport? When it comes to installing a metal garage at your home, there is nothing you need to do.

Our team will arrive at your property with all the required pieces for your metal garage. Each piece of the design will be constructed to your exact specifications.

After the foundations are installed, our skilled team will build the carport. We use only the best materials available, so all work will meet industry standards.

For more information about installing your metal carport, give us a call. We will gladly answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction.

Maintenance and repairs

Although a metal carport requires little maintenance, it can still be damaged over time. Regular maintenance will keep your metal carport in good condition and prevent it from becoming worse. We can help you with this.

Contact us if you need to have your old metal carport checked out or repaired. Our team will arrive at your home and perform any repair that is needed.

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