where to place a carport

You may have seen your neighbours build metal carports, steel carports or even wooden carports and have wondered whether your home could benefit from one.

You may have decided on the design, dimensions, materials and even who will help you build your carport… but do you know where to build it on your property?

Your carport’s location is just as important than its design, size and materials. You can make your carport more weatherproof and less vulnerable to thieves by choosing the right spot. This article will provide more information about this crucial decision.

Where Is The Best Location?

There are three factors will guide you in choosing the perfect location for your Melbourne carport.

1. How It Will Protect Your Vehicle

You will need a carport to protect your vehicle. This makes sense. Your second-largest expense, after your house, will be your car. It will last longer if it is protected from the elements. Then it will look better and will be more valuable when it is time to sell it.

The size of your carport is crucial to ensure sufficient coverage. But it’s equally important to take into account the direction of the wind in your area.

The general wind direction in Melbourne is usually arced from west to south, and vice versa. Wind protection should be placed on the windward side of your carport if you desire maximum protection. This protection could be on the side of your home, a tree or other plants, a wall or screening, or even a fence if it is allowed by the local council.

2. How It Will Stop Potential Thieves

Keep thieves and vandals in mind as you make your choice about the best location for your carport.

Your carport should be placed next to any sliding glass doors or large windows in your house to deter thieves. If you are unable to locate a suitable spot, consider locating your carport in front of your home. Only well-lit areas can be used to cover the property’s back. If your carport is located in a dark corner, thieves have more time for you to steal.

The key factor in deterring thieves is lighting. A well-lit carport will deter thieves.

3. How Accessible Is It For You

What is the best location for your Melbourne carport? While this is an individual decision, it is most likely that your house is the best place to install your carport. There is no need to worry about your carport getting wet or being burned by the sun, if it has a door directly next to it.

Not all houses have the option of a carport. It is best to choose a flat ground that is close to the house and easy accessible.

Make A Decision And Build Your Carport

It’s important to consider all three factors when choosing the best location for your carport.

The first factor is how well it will protect your vehicle from the elements. The second is how well it will stop potential thieves, and the third is how accessible it is for you.

Taking all of these into account, the most sensible option would be to install your carport next to your house. If this isn’t possible, try to find a spot that is close by and well-lit.

With a little bit of planning, you can have the perfect carport for your needs. Contact Melbourne Carport Builders today for a free quote.